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Newsletter #1

Introducing our partners during the Kick-off meeting in Iceland - October 2017

Advancing Migrant Women is an EU funded project, bringing together 5 partners from across Europe, which aims to create high quality training material and support for migrant women in order to develop their employability and entrepreneurship skills. This with the overall goals of poverty reduction, peace building and socio-economic development.

Objectives of the project expected results

  • Address the employment and integration issues that migrant women face

  • Develop high quality training material and support for migrant women

  • Deliver the programme and Career Circles™ to increase women's transferable soft skills

  • Empower migrant women by developing their employability and entrepreneurship skills

  • Increase awareness amongst employers of the benefits of recruiting migrant women

What we have been up to

All of the partners have been researching, conducting interviews and leading focus groups in order to gather information about the issues that migrant women face and skills which can be increased. We wish to use this information to create a training programme which we will deliver in each country.

The training programme, based on our research, will encourage self perception and positive

psychology, strength-based learning, entrepreneurship and creativity, among other things, subject to the outcomes of the research.

Expected results

  • Our training programme will be designed to empower migrant women in order for them to realise their potential with regards to employment and entrepreneurship. We also expect to encourage employers to hire migrant women in their businesses.

  • We will work together to create effective results in the overall empowerment of migrant women.

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