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Newsletter #2

Partner's Meeting for the second Transnational Meeting in Sheffield UK

The 2nd international partner meeting for Advancing Migrant Women was held in September 2018 in Sheffield, UK and was a great success. Partners from Iceland, Italy, Greece and the UK met to discuss the next steps in the project including preparing reports and the piloting of the Advancing Migrant Women Training Programme and the Career Circles™ for Migrant Women.

"It was really enjoyable to work with these wonderful women, who were keen to learn and to explore ways of self-development. Many of the women had overcome challenges relating to their situation, being a migrant woman in the UK and some of them were still experiencing difficult situations. They were all very motivated, very patient with each other and very willing to learn from their collective shared experiences”. Val Boulding, facilitator in the UK

What we have been up to

All the partners have developed the Advancing Migrant Women Training Programme, each partner has contributed to the development of the following modules:

1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming

2. Self-Perception and Positive Psychology

3. Strengths-Based Learning

4. Brand You

5. Entrepreneurship

6. Idea Generation and Creativity

The partners have begun piloting the programme and Career Circles™ in all countries and are preparing to run a second pilot in the New Year. The pilots have so far been very successful working with a range of migrant women with diverse backgrounds.

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