• Advancing Migrant Women

Newsletter #3

Third transnational meeting in Palermo, February 2019

The Advancing Migrant Women third partner meeting took place in Palermo,

Italy in February 2019 with great success! Partners met to discuss the findings from the first national pilot training, planned in detail the next steps of the project as well as each partner’s responsibilities.

Pilot Training & Career Circles™ sessions

Advancing Migrant Women Training and Circles sessions have been taking

place throughout the latter of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. The pilots have

continued to be incredibly successful, reaching migrant women in each

partner nation. The achievements of the first pilot in Palermo were summed up in detail by Vidjaya Thelen, facilitator in Italy:

“The Advancing Migrant Women training and circles in Palermo have been concluded

with success! For 11 weeks, migrant women have met each week and increased their

competences in several fields, including self-confidence, self-reflections, motivation,

communication, goal-setting and networking skills. It was an inspirational experience

in which women have learned with and from each other, leaving them with new

motivations to undertake the next steps on the way to employment or


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