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Newsletter #4

Our Project:

Advancing Migrant Women is an EU funded project. There are 5 partners across

Europe, residing in United Kingdom, Italy, Greece and Iceland. The project aims to

develop high quality training material to support migrant women to maximise their

employability and entrepreneurship skills. In turn, this helps to increase social



Addressing the employment and integration issues migrant women face

Facilitate change through the development of training material using coaching

and mentoring methodology

Deliver the training and Career Circles™ to increase transferable skills in migrant

women, such as employability and entrepreneurial skills.

What have we been up to?

The partners have been working on delivering the second pilot of the Advancing

Migrant Women training and Career Circles™. Both have been very successful. The

women who have attended across Europe have reported higher levels of

entrepreneurship, as well as many other skills.

What's more, women have been able to connect together and share ideas in a

diverse environment.

The Pilot training 2

The topics of the pilot:

  1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  2. Self-Perception and Positive Psychology

  3. Strengths-Based Learning

  4. Brand You

  5. Entrepreneurship

  6. Idea Generation and Creativity

The training has helped to increase personal development. The women who have

attended have been able to apply many of the concepts learnt to their professional and

personal life.

The training has encouraged them to believe in themselves motivation to achieve goals have increased.

Career Circles™ sessions

Similarly to the favourable outcomes of the training, the Career Circles™ have helped with

the personal development of our clients. The circles have helped women find out more

about themselves. They have found their personal sense of power and become more confident in their ideas.

What is next?

Our online e-learning platform is becoming available to you. If you are looking for

personal development or you belong to an organisation which would like to use our

methodology in your own training, contact us for more information.

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